Club Runs

Many in the club focus on the social weekend club runs which normally start from Low Burnhall Car Park. Maintaining the club’s founding tradition we try to provide rides on both Saturday AND Sunday.

Details are published in the calendar on the preceding Wednesday or Thursday though the route may be changed or the ride cancelled if conditions and anticipated participation dictate otherwise. While club members are kept up to date via WhatsApp, non-members can ask on our Facebook Forum.

Saturday rides tend to be a bit more challenging in terms of distance/speed/profile. All rides operate a NO-DROP policy which means that groups will either slow down or wait at some point ahead. Please be realistic about your current ability; it helps everyone to enjoy their day. Start with a Sunday ride and take it from there. If in doubt ASK.

While we make every effort to accommodate new riders and prospective members you MUST be prepared to take responsibility for yourself in all conditions as its impossible to cover every contingency. Bear in mind that it’s normal for rides to break up in the closing miles as folks peel off to make their own way home.


Quite a few members are keen on off-road or what these days are often referred to as ‘gravel’ rides (though there’s rarely any gravel involved). A popular meeting point is Broompark Picnic Area on the Deerness Valley Walk. It lies at the heart of a network of cycle paths around Durham, linking with C2C and Walney 2 Wear (W2W) cycle routes amongst others. Gravel, mountain and hybrid bikes are all welcome.


Occasionally we hold what we call away-days. These are single or multi-day club-runs planned further in advance than normal, starting from a location far enough away from our usual meeting points to require transport. If you don’t drive there are always opportunities for car-sharing.

Everyone is welcome to any of our activities but please let us know that you intend to come along, especially if it’s your first time.