Mid-Week Training – Report

Wednesday 13th April 2022

Now that the clocks have gone forward, DCV members are gearing themselves up to add a little speed and discipline to the aerobic base that the Winter Challenge, club runs and their own individual wanderings has given them. Andy Knight got the ball rolling by re-instituting training sessions that have proved popular in previous years. The first of these was ‘through and off’ circuits of the M9 time-trial course starting at the Three Horse Shoes pub, Pithouse Lane, Leamside and passes through Great Lumley.

Six of us joined Andy for an hour of group training at a pace intended to be somewhat faster than the weekend club-runs which always prioritise the speed of the slowest member. However, this much-anticipated opportunity to ‘take the brakes off’ definitely prevailed over discipline with big gaps quickly appearing but after a few adjustments things got a bit more organised.

The beauty of training on a circuit is that you’ll never be left behind. You can take advantage of the group for as long as you’re able, drop off and cycle back the other way or just take a lap out. If you have a ‘mechanical’ there will always be assistance coming around – eventually. If you arrive late, you can cycle the opposite way round the course to meet the group and drop in. Riding at speed as a cohesive group is ultimately how you learn to go further, faster and with less effort – everyone should do it.

The plan at the moment is to hold these sessions at 6 pm either on Wednesday or Thursday evening. Other courses may also be used; the focus is on training at a higher pace to improve other areas of cycling fitness as well as skills and confidence. It goes without saying that everyone is welcome, particularly on a course where, if you’re just not feeling it, you can retire to the pub and wave to your mates as they pass!

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