Mid-Week Training – Report

Wednesday 20th April 2022

Yesterday evening eight of us – Andy, Karen, Peter, Ben, Donna, Scott, Chris and Mike – turned out for the second of the Mid-Week Training sessions organised by Andy. After a generally warm Easter weekend the temperature had dipped significantly and although the sun was shining an easterly breeze made things decidedly chilly for standing around. With five minutes to go there were few bodies to be seen but miraculously, by 6.00 pm a very workable group had assembled, with others merging around the course.

The plan was to spend an hour riding ‘through and off’ as we did last week, hopefully drawing on some lessons learned. After a lap of consistent riding, gaps began to appear as is usually the way and we split into two groups of five and three with the larger, faster group, pulling slowly away. Once the groups had been established though, it was easier to concentrate on working through and, in my opinion, much more beneficial for all concerned. I enjoyed it anyway.

This week’s take away for me was to make sure that everyone is aware of how long the session is meant to be and how groups or individuals can reintegrate (even if it just means meeting at the finish). But it’s a minor point and didn’t detract from a much appreciated opportunity to be part of a focused, hard-working group of cyclists. It doesn’t always have to be about slogging out the miles on your own! Watch the calendar for what’s going on next week but bear in mind that it probably won’t be posted until Monday even Tuesday. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment.

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