Restarter Rides

To encourage potential members who may have doubts about joining a cycling club, existing members who haven’t been out for a while and anyone wanting a relaxed ride in good company, we’ve organised a short block of Sunday morning rides (in addition to the normal Sunday ride) starting on 17th April 2022 specifically to meet this need.

All rides start at 9.00 am and alternate weekly between gravel (cycle tracks) and road routes. Gravel rides start from Broompark Picnic Area and will be approximately 30-35 miles for which you’ll need a mountain or hybrid bike (or road bike fitted with gravel-type tyres). Road rides start from Low Burnhall Car Park and will be about 40-45 miles at roughly 12-13 mph suitable, ideally, for road, gravel and hybrid bikes. All are welcome but must be 16 years or over.

No one will be left behind (‘no-drop’) and all rides will include a cafe stop. It should go without saying that bikes be in good repair. You’ll need a tool kit with a minimum of one spare tube and pump or other reliable inflation device. Rides are planned to continue until the end of May after which we’ll review the situation.

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