Winter Challenge 21-22

Here are the rules and destinations of the DCV Winter Challenge 21-22


  • Start 30th October 2021 – Finish 27th March 2022
  • You get 10 points for each destination + 1 point per 10 (full) miles, 2 bonus points if the ride is with another club member and 20 bonus points if you complete all 20 destinations.
  • There is no minimum or maximum distance and you can use any start or finish point.
  • Visit every destination listed, on road, gravel or mountain bike; no E-bikes though.
  • At least 10 of your rides should be on weekends (to make it fairer for those who can only ride weekends).
  • Record your ride within 2 days on Strava as DCV + destination letter (see the list below). Once recorded that’s it, you can’t do that destination again, so make the mileage count!
  • Complete as many destinations per ride as you like but mileage points may suffer as a result.
  • Prizes and a trophy will be awarded for most points and best photo.
  • Take photos within 50 m of the destination and post them on the WhatsApp DCV Club Rides group.

List of Destinations

  • Boxing Glove Sculpture (Shotton Colliery) A
  • Souter Lighthouse (Whitburn) B
  • Cannon (Hartlepool Headland) C
  • Museum Entrance (Beamish) D
  • Pit Lift (Easington Colliery) E
  • Ford (Barton) F
  • St John’s Church (Low Dinsdale) G
  • Mini Railway Car (Parkhead – by the road) H
  • Castle (Barnard Castle) I
  • Locomotion Railway Museum (Shildon) J
  • Miner Sculpture (Fishburn) K
  • Castle (Brancepeth) L
  • Town Hall (Wolsingham) M
  • County Cricket Ground (Chester le Street) N
  • Eggleston Hall (Eggleston) O
  • Riverview Bakery (Blackhall Mill) P
  • Big Lamp Brewery (Newburn) Q
  • Hownsgill Tea Room (Consett) R
  • Punchbowl Public House (Edmundbyers) S
  • Planetarium (Wynyard Country Park) T