Winter Challenge 22-23

The theme of this year’s challenge is ‘MINING’. There are a total of 20 DESTINATIONS to visit between 19th November 2022 and 19th March 2023, three of which (R, S & T) are your own choice. The competition is open to all club members. There’s no registration but it’s advisable to check the RULES and SCORING first. At the end of each ride upload the details as described in HOW TO RECORD.


A F-Pit Museum, Washington | B ‘The Brothers’ Sculpture @ Seaham | C Pit Tub, Ferryhill Station (opposite Mainsforth Community Centre) | D Mural, Robin Todd Community Centre, South Hetton | E Pit Tub, Sacriston | F  Miner Statue, Welfare Park, Horden | G Groverake Mine, Rookhope | H Miner Sculpture, Castleside | I  Miners Hall, Durham | J Coal Wagon @ Causey Arch | K Pit Wheel, Burnhope | L Dunston Staithes | M Memorial Fountain, Middleton-in-Teesdale | N Coal Wagon, Shildon | O Throston Engine House, Hartlepool | P Pit Wheel, Herrington Country Park | Q Lime Kilns, Marsden | R Any ‘County Durham’ sign @ any location | S & T Your choice – as long as there’s a mining theme.

  1. The competition lasts from 19th November 2022 until 19th March 2023
  2. Any start and finish point.
  3. Any bike – no e-bikes.
  4. Any route – road or gravel etc.
  5. 10 destinations or more must be WEEKEND RIDES.
  6. Maximum of 2 DESTINATIONS PER RIDE.
  7. Member with the most points by the 19th March wins the trophy and prize money.
  8. Prize for the BEST PHOTO.
  9. If we achieve a combined total of 3000 POINTS the club will make a donation to a nominated charity (random 5th place to nominate charity).
  • 10 points for each destination
  • 1 point for each full 10 miles
  • Extra 2 points if done with another club member
  • Extra 4 points if done as part of an official weekend club ride (at least as far as the cafe stop)
  • Extra 20 points if all 20 are completed.
  1. Take a PHOTO of the feature and upload it to DCV CLUB RIDES on the club WhatsApp together with the DESTINATION & LETTER.
  2. Upload the ride to Strava and title it with the DESTINATION & LETTER. Once uploaded that destination CAN’T BE DONE AGAIN.

Click the link to see the official location map on Plotaroute.

Click the link to download a destination list in printable PDF format.