Winter Challenge 2023-24

Hey all, here’s your winter challenge as promised. I didn’t expect to be arranging one this year and haven’t had time to sort out destinations so there’s a bit of a change to normal.

The challenge this winter is to visit PLACES, towns, villages or other locations, of your choice, as long as they begin with the letters B or S. It should be obvious from the Strava record but you’ll also need to post a photo (such as a road sign) identifying the location by name. There should be plenty to choose from and they can be anywhere, so if you’re lucky enough to be cycling near Barcelona, on holiday, take a photo for the points.

Twenty destinations are required  to complete the challenge but try to do as many as you can because, if we can reach 3000 points as a club, there will be a donation made to a charity nominated by the third place rider. Hopefully, the rules this year will allow us to ride more in groups, avoiding the need to split towards the end to tick off individual objectives, as has happened in years past. 


  1. Competition runs from 18th November 2023 to 17th March 2024.
  2. Any start or finish point.
  3. Any bike except e-bikes (or motorbikes).
  4. Any terrain – road, gravel, etc
  5. The winner will be the member with the most points at midnight on the 17th March 2024.
  6. A photograph of an obvious landmark or, at the very least, the place name, at a prominent location, will be needed to validate the ride
  7. Ten destinations (as a minimum) are to be ridden on weekends.
  8. Only 2 destinations allowed per ride.
  9. This year there will also be a prize for the most elevation as recorded on Strava.
  10. Entries for the photography competition should be taken at the recorded destination. The subject, however, can be anything you like – including club members! Just bear in mind that, in the spirit of the competition, the image should be identifiable as being taken at the recorded location. Be spontaneous, creative and let’s have fun with it this year!


10 points per destination + 1 point for each full 10 miles; additional 2 points if accompanied by at least one other club member; additional 4 points if done as part of an official weekend club ride (you’ll need to ride at least as far as the cafe); additional 20 points if all 20 destinations are completed.


Post your ride on Strava as ‘DCV Winter Challenge – Place Name’ (make sure the first letter of the place name you choose is B or S). Once it’s done, it’s done: no doing it again.

If you’ve got any questions or observations, leave a comment, otherwise that’s it, hope it helps to see more of each other on the bike this winter…

Chris (Chairman)

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