Winter Challenge 22-23

So, it’s that time of the year again, when the excuses begin to pile up as to why you shouldn’t bother getting the bike out. Or you resign yourself (or even look forward to) a couple of months on the turbo. However, at DCV, our Ride Captain, Chris Graham, has once again come to the rescue with the 2022-23 DCV Winter Challenge.

This year’s challenge has a ‘mining’ theme, taking in 20 locations inside and outside the county with a few ‘wild cards’ thrown in, so you can ‘customise’ your own challenge. It runs between 23th November 2022 and 23rd March 2023. Points and photography prizes are up for grabs and a nominated charity stands to benefit if the club can collectively break the 3000 point barrier again.

Best of luck and get stuck in there!

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