Winter Cycling Challenge 22-23

That’s it then, the clock’s go forward next week propelling Durham City Velo onwards. Bobbing in our wake are the diverse destinations of 2022-23’s Winter Challenge (link in case you can’t remember where you went) put together once again by our esteemed Ride Captain – Chris Graham.

What can we say? I suppose it’ll have to be the usual thanks to Chris whose efforts in, and enthusiasm for, compiling the challenge kept many of us on the roads in weather that – let’s be honest – wasn’t too bad but still required a nagging push to get me out of the door at least.

As you can see the mighty Neville C defied the years to claim Dave Stevens’ crown which was uncontested by the man himself. Not content with organising, Chris was also runner-up, only a handful of points behind while clocking a few more miles. Stuart E played a canny game to claim third place – a handsome tally of points but noticeably economical on mileage! Well done to everyone who took part. I certainly enjoyed it.

Tim – Destination M
Middleton-in-Teesdale Fountain
Scott – Destination J
Causey Arch Waggon

The photography competition was down once again to Tim B and myself, with Chris’ mother-in-law coming through with her impeccable good taste to give me the nod (next year Tim). I hope Dave T won’t mind me saying this but curated as it is in WhatsApp his collection of selfies is hilarious and is the winner as far as I’m concerned. Well done Dave! My own choice for a single pic is Andy K’s which I’ve used as the featured image for this post. Nice one Andy!

Wow, I can’t wait for next winter! [I’m waiting for the Ritalin to kick in]

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